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"Devium takes to heart what it means to sew that American flag onto every shirt. Resisting the urge to take a shortcut and to do things truly right… well, that’s an admirable mission statement we can get behind with enthusiasm." - GearJunkie

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"Fantastic company. Cordial, helpful, easy to work with, fast shipping, and best of all, they make make killer threads" - John D.

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Very warm, soft, comfortable flannel.

"Very warm, soft, comfortable flannel. Build quality feels much better than my other flannels. Definitely worth the investment."

- Adam Y.

Shift Into Overdrive

"I've been wearing the Overdrive waxed canvas jacket for a few weeks now, and can confidently say this one is a winner. The fit is perfect"

- Damion B.

I want one in every color

This is the kind of shirt that Carhartt wishes it was. Super heavy, super durable, this shirt will easily out last me. Love it.

- Nate E.


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