What we stand for.

Functionality– Obsessive over details
We sweat the details so you don’t have to. Because every step of our design, sourcing and manufacturing process is done domestically, we can obsessively monitor each step of production. Ensuring quality at every stage guarantees that fit, finish and functionality for our products is at the highest level.
We create long-lasting, essential pieces that you won’t throw away after a few wears. Closely curated and inspired by vintage styles, we ensure our pieces are durable enough to last the next few decades, but still look as timeless as the day you first got it.
Sustainability means something different to us: we take a closer-to-home approach. Sustainability goes beyond sourcing eco-conscious materials woven offshores, or promising to offset our international production by planting a tree for every garment. Even if a sustainable fabric is sourced internationally, the environmental impact of shipping a container overseas produces more pollution than we ever want to be responsible for. Every element of production is sourced in the USA–from supporting our local, generational sew houses, to the fusing that gives our plackets and collars shape, all the way down to the thread that holds everything together. 
Because we work with US-based manufacturers and suppliers, we can create small batches, which also helps to greatly minimize waste. 
Small-batch production means each garment is special–closely monitored for quality and limited. They won’t be replicated thousands of times over, and will stand the test of time. 
Valuing local partnerships–
Community is crucial to us. And building connections with local suppliers and manufacturers is foundational to our ethos as both a company and as individuals. By supporting sewing houses in our backyard, we help create and maintain jobs in America–and reinforce the strength of those who are closest to us.
We establish personal relationships between our suppliers and manufacturers, valuing workers beyond their work. By getting to know workers as people, we endow a mutual sense of responsibility between the meticulous detailing of our apparel, as well as building years-long relationships with the people we work with. Doing everything in the US may increase our cost of goods, but supporting local, small businesses is invaluable.