Devium Lifelong Guarantee

We believe in the power of American made quality. That’s why it’s our mission to make each Devium garment from homegrown fabrics and trims (down to the thread), and to sew your shirts, jackets and pants in artisan sewing houses right here in the United States. 

If any of your Made in the USA Devium investments taps out prematurely due to faulty workmanship or material, we’ll treat you like family and make it right.  Of course, regular wear and tear, misuse and improper care aren’t covered. But we will entertain claims involving blood, burns and bites. For more granular legalese, talk to our lawyers. (Sorry, we forgot to hire a bunch.)

Devium Lifelong Guarantee Q&A

What’s covered under the Devium Lifelong Guarantee? 

Every Devium style you buy (or get as a gift or permanently borrow from a friend)  is covered under Lifelong – because our goal is for you to be a customer for that long. Our promise is to Make It Right, whatever the issue, taking into consideration how long you’ve had it, and what type of style it is. Yes, your 100% North Carolina-grown cotton tees are covered, and so is your waxed canvas jacket. (And we count on the fairness of our customers to know the difference in the life expectancy of both ends of the spectrum.)

What should I do if one of my Devium styles has an issue?

If you experience a warranty-related issue, we will try to make this process as simple as possible for you. Here’s a few simple steps: 

  1. Snap a few clear photos of the issue you’re experiencing - we all have a dumb little camera that lives in our pocket – use it! 
  2. Try to locate your order number if possible. If you can’t find it, don’t sweat it! Just make sure you give us your full name that was used for the original order and we can search for it that way.
  3. Send us an email  ( with a short  explanation of what’s going on with your garment. Make sure to attach those pesky photos! 
  4. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours and we’ll work together to find a solution! 

Tell me more about this “power of American Made quality”?

We’re on a quest to rebuild the small businesses in our country’s apparel supply chain  – one Made in the USA garment at a time. Our handpicked partners, from New Jersey to California, manufacture the highest quality materials and carefully stitch your next garment, and by proactively partnering with them we have a hand in rebuilding these legacy (and often multigenerational family owned) entrepreneurial small businesses. 

Our partners stand behind their USA made fabrics and trims (from waxed canvas and North Carolina grown cotton jersey, to specialty inner facings, zippers, buttons, grommets, labels and even thread), our boutique sewing houses stand by their craftsmanship to put these all together, and we stand behind them. It’s a virtuous circle, and we want to thank you for considering whether you will take the leap and be part of the 100% American Made Movement!

Most Guarantees seem to be a lot more words, with many of them being exceptions. Yours isn’t that. Why is that?

See the term “virtuous circle” above. We believe that more Good People will choose to join our 100% American Made Movement and become Devium diehards. And that these Good People will be like minded, and won’t try to “game the system” when it comes to our Lifelong Guarantee. We’ll treat you like family (the good kind of families) and Make It Right. We’ve got you covered.