At Devium, we can either be go-with-the-flow or massively, stubbornly controlling.

By choosing only the best quality fabrics and trims made in America, insisting that our products are sewn and finished only in the USA, and being able to eyeball (and touch) up-close-and-personal all aspects of our apparel design/development/production/finishing chain, we can best control the quality of our products.

And we’re kinda insane about things. Take our Toiler Chino Pant, for example.  One of our most loved products (and unfortunately all but sold out until new colors arrive around July 4), we  designed the pant with meticulous attention to detail, and specifically to go from date to skate (or skate to date, if your S.O. doesn’t mind a little sweat). 

Think of it as the mullet of our collection. And where a mullet is business in the front and party in the back, our Toiler also serves two masters: it has the styling, fabric quality and finishing of a high-end chino, yet is designed to take whatever punishment you can throw at it. 

That means true flat-felled stitching on all the leg seams, instead of the usual (and vastly inferior) overlock (‘serge”) or “faux flat-felled” stitch. True flat-felled seams also provide a finished look if you choose to roll your pants legs.  And a total of 21 bar tacks, in all the exact right places, while at first glance excessive, are designed to make sure your pants can withstand the test of time.

At Devium, we like to think that we’re control-crazy only when it matters most. With our apparel design, and with every piece within our line. It. Matters. Most.

Note: Our beloved Toiler Chino Pant will be back in stock in just a few weeks, in charcoal, navy and brown. Keep an eye out for them!