Meet Gene*, our Limited Edition Corduroy Jacket

Meet Gene*, our Limited Edition Corduroy Jacket



It took us 15 minutes of Jenga-ing to uncover the pile. And we discovered a true Devium find– two small rolls of prized, 100% cotton, six-wale American-made cord, complete with the original tags: The Crompton-Richmond, Co., Waynesboro, VA, Nov. 1971.

When Devium USA was founded on Flag Day 2015, we pledged to ourselves and our customers that we would always stay American Made–100% from start to finish–even if it was really hard.. Sometimes, that involves a LOT of sleuthing.

Digging Deep

This pristine fabric, carefully extracted, fully (and delightfully) inspected, and then eventually dyed in two distinct and rich colors, is the basis of our new vintage corduroy jacket. It was heavily influenced by a classic cord jacket that is a favorite in co-founder Corey Duffel’s closet. (So “favorite” that, to be exact, his current jacket is a couple of decades old, has been worn what he estimates is thousands of times, and is finally starting to move from worn to ragged.)


The Gene


This will be your new favorite jacket, guaranteed.. The Gene– Devium’s very Limited Edition vintage corduroy jacket, custom designed to thread the needle between a legacy style and a minimalist silhouette. With 50-year-old Made in America corduroy, custom metal shank statement buttons, individually numbered, and just the right fit.

You know you want it.


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*Why the “Gene” jacket? The name pays homage to Gene Clark, the prolific singer/songwriter who took The Byrds to success. He famously quit the band when he developed a fear of flying and other assorted neuroses. His first solo album, No Other, was released in 1974 with Clark wholly unconcerned about radio airplay, stadium sing-alongs, or anything else that could please a record label. Rolling Stone magazine covered the album’s Deluxe Reissue in late 2019, positing that Clark’s songs “aren’t played, as much as unfurled.”  Clark was buried in Tipton, Missouri at 46 beneath an epitaph that simply reads No Other.


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