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Made in the USA: Why We’re Committed (And Why It’s Good for You Too)


We’ve made our clothes from start to finish in the USA since our very first product in 2015.

Sometimes it feels like a cruel joke. It takes a single minded focus, and it’s hard. Wait, you actually want to use buttons made in the USA? Not just shipped 7,500 miles on a pollution-belching container ship from some overseas sweatshop? Well, yeah, that’s the point.

 And fusings? And thread? And fabrics? And…..  Yup.  

Are you guys crazy? A little.

Our Made in the USA pledge borders on obsession, and we’re committed to building the highest quality skate-rooted styles we can see and feel (and yes, control) for ourselves from beginning to end. Our partnerships with small business button makers in the Midwest, multi-generational textile specialists in the South, and artisan sewing houses out West are part of a Made in the USA ecosystem that is now our family--and makes us proud.

Less stuff. Better quality stuff. You know you want it.

(Note: Do you dare to care about bar tacks? We’ll tell you why in our next newsletter.)

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