Made in the USA

Made in the USA


At Devium we sweat the small stuff. Like where our thread comes from. Its weight and type. And how many stitches per inch we spec for each and every American-made style made in artisan sewing houses across the US. 

While not to bore you with the arcane details, the number of stitches per inch in a garment is Damn Important, affecting many things– from the aesthetics of a style (how the stitching looks on the piece), to seam elasticity (too many stitches equals fabric constriction, no matter now “stretchy” the material appears to be in other places), to seam strength (we can’t have anyone splitting their Toiler chinos at the skate park with a single wrong pop shuvit). 

Sure, being anal retentive about thread and stitching is a cross we technically don’t need to bear, but we feel the need. Because choosing the most bulletproof American threads, partnering with our USA sewing houses on things as esoteric as threads per inch (and depending on the potential use of the garment), and being able to pop into any of our sewing houses – whenever we choose– just shows our love for quality. And our respect for you.

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