black rainbows

Devium co-founder Corey Duffel tells us about one of his favorite local skate spots. Most discoveries need just a little TLC (aided by a broom, and if you’re really ambitious, a grinder or some Bondo)  to transform into a best kept secret for a private 10-minute session on the way home from work, or a weekend session with a couple of close friends (between the security guard’s rounds).  

HOW I FOUND IT: 15 years ago I was out walking my dog and needed to take a leak. I was looking for some bushes behind the business complex when I passed the loading dock and saw a nice curb that needed some love. It was a suburban paradise for me. I knew I had to come back and skate it. 

WHY IT’S SPECIAL: Smooth parking lot asphalt, no cars, a few dumpsters full of pallets and useful skate things. A classic concrete curb that’s chunky and rough, and makes a great sound for grinding. Late afternoon shade, and the cops hardly ever stop me. A perfect place to warm up or goof off for an hour after work and get some sweat out.

THE SPOT: In the town of Pleasant Hill, a few-minute skate from the BART station and half a mile from my house. It’s behind a place where you can get good deals on home electronics. Watch out for the tweakers who use the extended stay motel that’s close by. If you end up by the old Dome movie theatre you’ve gone too far.

THE SKATER: Corey Duffel is a co-founder of Devium USA, and a lifelong skateboarder who likes to have fun loitering and skating behind local shopping centers. He loves to hunt for skate spots and make them skateable. You can reach Corey at

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