Early Morning, Cold Pizza–Corey Duffel's Birthday Playlist

Early Morning, Cold Pizza–Corey Duffel's Birthday Playlist

Tasty treats to celebrate my 38th birthday. Some tunes that have meant something to me over the years.  Usually a playlist should  be in specific order but the nature of this one is all over the place just as life is most of the time. 


The Cure - Push (4:31)

(1985: The Head on the Door)

The Cure is the band I always say is my favorite, because they have so many songs and they are almost all great. I love how this song starts with a beautiful 2 minute intro before exploding into an even bigger song.

“Smear this man across the walls like strawberries and cream” 

The Who - I’m One (2:37)

(1973: Quadrophenia)

Quadrophenia is brilliant and The Who are one of my earliest favorites. This LP really speaks to me, and this song will make me tear up every time.

“I'm a loser, no chance to win”

The Chameleons - Second Skin (6:50)

(1983: Script of the Bridge) Rachel turned me onto this band and so many others. This song is six minutes and a total banger. Forever floating on air when I think about how much I love her.

Oh when something slips through your fingers 
You know precious it is”

Tindersticks - Raindrops (5:38)(1993: Tindersticks)

On a flight home this song played the entire three hours. Amazing band and song.

“We sit and watch the divide widen”

Warren G- Regulate (4:11)

(1994: Above the Rim)

Gotta throw in one from my youth. When this song came out my brothers and I loved playing this CD in my dad's Acura Legend. Still remember being ten years old on a cold morning at 5 am and this was the last song we played before going fishing for the first time. We didn’t catch anything. When the fish broke off the line, it felt just like I got my watch jacked. 

And if your ass is a buster, 213 will regulate”

Stone Roses - She Bangs The Drums (3:43)

(1989: The Stone Roses)

Amazing song, and duh, it makes me think of Rachel and how watching her bang the drums is such a passionate experience to witness.

“The way she plays? There are no words to describe the way I feel"

Primal Scream - Medication (3:52)

(1997: Vanishing Point)

Bobby is really inspiring to me because he’s always mixing it up and creating new music. It’s never stale and always great. For nearly forty years he’s been keeping it fresh and interesting. A true rock n roll star.

I don't want to hang around with you
Don't want to see you burn”

The Ramones - Outsider (2:10)

(1983: Subterranean Jungle)

Dee Dee is someone I idolized as a teenager because his songs were so relatable. 

Everybody tried to push me around 
Everybody tried to put me down”

Blind Melon - No Rain (3:37)

(1993: Blind Melon)

When I was 8 years old I asked my mom for this CD for Christmas. I still don't love the entire LP,but this song is special.

And speak my point of view
But it's not sane”

Scott Walker - Best Of Both Worlds (3:12)

(1968: Scott 2)

Scott 4 is incredible and to not go with a song off it is hard, but i just love how cool he sounds on Scott 2. The influence it left on Bowie and many others is obvious.

Make your fickle mind up”

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Loom Of The Land (5:07)

(1992: Henry’s Dream)

Henry’s Dream is a dark and beautiful adventure. This song is always stuck in my head when I see the big old silver moon in the spring.

The moon in the sky
Like a dislodged crown”

The Jam - Away From The Numbers (4:01)

(1977: The Jam in the City)

This one rules and will always remind me that it is good to go against the grain. Move forward, never go backwards! A way of life

“Gonna break away and gain control” 

The Field Mice -  September’s Not So Far Away (4:11)

(1991: Coastal)

The way Bobby Wratten delivers his vocals along with the twee and jangly guitars really touch my heart and make me want to love more and never hurt people i care about.

“Seeing you again was heaven, now that you're gone it’s hell”

Fontaines D.C. - Jackie Down The Line (4:01)

(2022: Skinty Fia) Jackie Down the Line

Let’s end with a new band that is doing some great stuff. Can't wait for the new LPlp because these last three singles are incredible.

I will wear you down in time
I will hurt you, I'll desert you”



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