American Made Waxed Canvas Jackets – FAQ

American Made Waxed Canvas Jackets – FAQ

Q: What’s so special about Devium’s Made in USA waxed canvas jackets and vests?

A: Pristine out of the box, your Devium waxed canvas jacket will transform into a one-of-a-kind piece that maps the scuffs, creases, and scars of your own life adventures. Over the years and decades your waxed canvas jacket will develop its own unique patina that reflects where you wear your jacket, where it “lives” when it’s not on your back. 

Think of this waxed canvas as, well, a canvas of your own life, representing your own personal journey over years and decades. 

Q: How do you care for waxed canvas?

A: The first and most important thing to know is that waxed canvas is never machine washed with detergent, mostly just spot cleaned. For information on caring for your waxed canvas jacket, check out this tutorial by the good people at Heddels. 

Q: If waxed canvas can’t be washed or dry cleaned, do I have to be super careful with my jacket?

A: No. Your waxed canvas jacket is meant to be a one-of-a-kind piece that can handle a beating over time. It requires little to no daily maintenance. Over the years your jacket will turn into its own thing of beauty. Spot clean if you must.

Q: Where does your waxed canvas come from?

A: For Devium’s new Overdrive and Deadeye waxed canvas trucker jackets we partnered with an iconic American manufacturer established in 1838 – the same year pioneers started making their way from Missouri to the Pacific Northwest by covered wagon on the famous 2000-mile Oregon Trail.

Founded in Philly when a father and son set up a specialty and newly mechanized dyehouse after emigrating from Ireland, The Martin Dyeing and Finishing Co. quickly became well known for its expert craftsmanship. Throughout the decades the company expanded and was one of the largest producers of mineral and reactive dyed fabrics in the US during the height of USA textile production, making fabric for most of the hunting clothing in America. 

Today, with a boutique footprint, this seventh generation family business uses old world expertise, paired with new generation machinery and patented technology to dye, wax and finish fabrics using zero environmentally damaging fluoropolymers or formaldehyde.

Q: Why choose The Martin Dyeing and Finishing Co. over other manufacturers?

A: First, as a 100% American Made company, Devium is dedicated to playing our part in rebuilding the American textile and apparel industry, one piece of clothing at a time. As a family business ourselves, we’re irresistibly drawn to other multigenerational small businesses that have successfully endured. And as true pioneers in the dyeing, waxing and finishing business over 186 years, Martin Dyeing and Finishing has more than proven its mettle.

Q: What else is special about Devium’s waxed canvas styles?

A: Our Made in the USA pledge borders on obsession, and we’re committed to building the highest quality men’s American made styles we can see and feel (and yes, control) for ourselves from beginning to end. Our partnerships with small business button makers in the Midwest, the only multi-generational textile specialists in the South, the only bespoke zipper house West of the Mississippi, and artisan sewing houses out West are part of a Made in the USA ecosystem that is now our family--and makes us proud.

Whether it’s our beautiful American Made waxed canvas jackets, our indestructible Made in the USA chinos and work pants, or our soft USA made flannels, Devium is, and will always be, 100% in with American Made. 

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