American Made– A Family Affair

American Made– A Family Affair

Making apparel in America is where the rubber meets the road. The cause is rife with peril– driven by conviction, ideals, love, and a small dose of insanity. 

But then again, at Devium we don’t do it just for ourselves. Our commitment to quality and transparency (truth!) is for our customers. And we also commit to American-made for our extended USA family….

…A fifth generation, family owned textile mill in Pennsylvania– founded around the time your great, great great grandparents were born. Using cotton grown in the southern states, and offering meaningful specialty careers for  a large number of family teams who pass down their craft from generation to generation. 

….A 91-year-old specialty wash and finishing house, deep in Southern California’s industrial zone. Owned and operated by the same family for over 40 years, their services support their overarching stated goal of not only providing the highest quality services, but of being an Honorable company.  Some will say they “only” do washing and finishing. We’d say that they do a highly specialized job –with care and, yup, honor.  That screams artisan to us.

…A deadhead who lost a crucial college hockey scholarship, then hit the road to sell Grateful Dead concert tees before realizing that he could start his own business, on his own terms. Four years and a rehab stint later, this self taught embroiderer moved from the East Coast to San Francisco, and last year the company celebrated 30 years of artisan embroidery work by referral only.

At Devium our extended family is an ecosystem of small businesses who themselves are families. From the New Jersey shore to the streets of San Francisco, these businesses partner with Devium so we can deliver on our promise of 100% American made goods. Our customers love it, and the quality they get because of it.

No one ever said it would be easy. And it sure makes us happy. Not to mention proud.

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