Meet Blixa– the Chameleon German Shepherd.

Meet Blixa– the Chameleon German Shepherd.

We’re putting a stake in the ground– at Devium, we love our dogs. This is the first of our sometimes-series on the dogs we love the best. And if you’re a Devium dog lover, DM or email us– we want to hear about you and yours!

Meet Blixa, Corey and Rachel’s adopted German shepherd. 

Blixa is our third shepherd. After losing our last dog, my sister sent me a picture of a very striking 3 year old shepherd at a local animal rescue. Corey and I raced down to the shelter and adopted him immediately. Shortly after adopting him, we realized he was closer to 3 months than 3 years–the rambunctious puppy mode we tried to avoid!

Blixa’s age wasn’t his last surprise for us. Two and a half years into having him, he developed vitiligo, a pigmentation disorder. His striking black coat has quickly been turning white. People often ask if we still have the same dog, and are shocked by his new coat.

As far as dogs go, Blixa is spoiled. Hikes every day with Corey, trips to the skate park, and as many toys as a dog could dream of–B-Boy is the reason we wake up in the morning!

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