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Corey's better half is part of Wax Idols. They have a new song, so hit the play button!

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Donuthill's 5th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial

Saturday, December 3rd was The Donuthill Project's 5th Annual Reggie Destin Memorial Time Trials & Carve Contest.

Thanks to all who participated and helped support this for-fun event celebrating the life of our fallen friend.

RIP ReDe. #RIPReDe #ReDeTT2016

5th Annual REDETT Results:

Overall Combined Time
1) James Brown 35.99
2) Tony Earnst 37.74
3) Bob Morris 38.47
Longest Carve
1) Pat Murphy 25’ 6”
2) Prescot Humphryes 23’ 6 1/2”
3) James Brown 23’ 3/8”

#RIPReDe #ReDeTT2016

Instagram: @donuthill ( )
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Corey Duffel - Long Live Crash Dog Interview

Corey Duffel - Long Live Crash Dog


Interview Kevin Wilkins
Photography Jai Tanju


We the people, in order to form a more perfect union, share an exceptional bond with our canine companions. We see our best in all their puppiness and dogginess, and we hope to provide a life for them that’s as ego free, as loyal, and as loving as the one they present to us.

It’s mutual, you could say. Magnetism, instincts, determination, style—we are our dogs; our dogs are us.

And so, in celebration of Corey Duffel’s longtime henchman, Crash Dog, and their unlikely, deviant partnership, Devium is releasing our Crash Dog Tee, the proceeds from which will help support Lake Tahoe Wolf Rescue—a non-profit that rescues abused and abandoned wolves and wolf hybrids.

Corey spoke with us about his fallen sidekick, the struggle of their final days together, and what it’s like to...

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Jason Adams DEVIANT DIRECTIONS spotify playlist

Once again, Devium’s weekly Spotify playlist is on the airwaves … or the intertoobs … or whateverwise.
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Corey Duffel's DEVIANT DIRECTIONS spotify playlist

We’re excited to announce that the first of Devium’s weekly Spotify playlists is all the way live (link in bio).

A lot of heaviness in this one—32 songs gathered from the well-listened earholes of the Duffman himself. This historic playlist highlights @coreyduffel’s favorite Greater Manchester jams.

Hear it all on Spotify: deviumusa
#DeviumDirections #UponHearing

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