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Made In The USA

When Devium began, we leaned into the path of least resistance and looked overseas to have our jackets, shirts, and hats manufactured. Easy, right? But then what? How could we expect to manufacture quality goods for our neighbors, friends, and coworkers if they weren’t, at least geographically, part of the manufacturing process?

Producing clothes in the USA is really tough. We aren’t making things easy for ourselves by sourcing our fabrics, our trims, and our small-batch sewing for each and every one of our styles in places like Fenton, Seattle, or San Francisco. But that’s kind of the point. There really is no way to end up with true, made-in-the-USA stock if you don’t turn to other Americans for help. And by enlisting them in making all Devium’s products—easy, tough, or however you want to gauge the effort—our aim is to make things easier by making things better… for everyone.

Not in the name of patriotism, not in the name of nationalism (though given less, others will claim more), Devium has chosen to make our products with the help of our fellow Deviants: mill workers in South Carolina, button makers in Iowa, needleworkers in Washington, and embroiderers in California. We stand alongside those who’ve also chosen a made-in-the-states path because of who we get to work with, and the quality of the work they guarantee.