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33 Seconds with Corey Duffel on Birthday #33

April 11, 2017

D: Wow. 33. What would your teenage self have thought about that age? And what are you thinking on your 33rd birthday?

Corey: Sixteen years ago I would have thought it was old as dirt. 33 feels young now. The number 33 has a good ring to it.

D: You’re now going into your fourth year in your thirties. What have been some of the best decisions you’ve made during that time?

Corey: Marrying Rachel has been my #1 best decision. (Note: Corey married drummer Rachel Travers on Halloween 2014.) I never thought that marriage mattered, and for some it really doesn’t. But for me knowing that I’m the husband of such a cool woman makes me feel really good. And buying a ’72 Cadillac seemed like a great decision. But I guess in that case being older doesn’t always mean being wiser.

D: Your worst decisions?

Corey: Not traveling enough, and being too concerned with the future.

D: You’ve shown a really eclectic taste in music through your Devium Directions Spotify playlists.  How has your music taste evolved in the past few years?

Corey: I've always loved pop music but as a teenager I wasn't always going to play nineties britpop or 80s indie rock in the tour van.  I really love mellow music and it surprises a lot of people that I don't listen to much punk or hard rock any more.  Songwriting is very important to my ears and I love tunes that make my eyes well up and that I can relate too. Art should move you and make it hard to describe.  I like when music moves my soul.

D: What would people be really surprised that you listen to?

Corey: I'm listening to The Sundays as we do this interview.  That's not utterly shocking though. For a long time I stopped listening to the early nineties music I grew up on, and now I love it again.  The Cranberries are one of my favorite bands.

D: What do you listen to that your friends give you shit about?

Corey: Too much Nick Cave. The bad seeds drive some people insane, but I can listen to that stuff daily and love it.  

D: Got any birthday plans today?

Corey: Rachel’s playing the Wiltern in Los Angeles tonight, so I’m going to surprise her and go to the show. She’s been on tour with her band Wax Idols for three weeks, so I can’t wait to see her play drums.  And every year on my birthday I eat some German chocolate cake. Cake and seeing Rachel sounds bitchin’!


Current photos of Corey by Jai Tanju. Photo of Rachel by Cameron Flaisch Photography.

And this one's from Corey's mom. Rock on, baby broken Corey. We're glad to have you with us on your 33rd year. 

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